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Windows 8 – Launch Site (dk)

På dette site kan man læse en masse om den nye Windows 8 og den hardware der passer til.

  og man kan købe en Windows8 pro her for 229,-


    Få en gratis licens til Win8 Media Center på dette link


Windows 8 is here

IOS 6 – problems with EAS

What’s the problem, then? Well, in iOS the two most widely reported ones relate to:

  • AutoDiscover – It doesn’t work unless the Email Address and UPN match.
  • Meeting Requests – The iOS device loses track of the organizer and replaces the device user as the organizer instead, allowing the device user to update or cancel meetings other people have asked them to attend. For more info, see KB 2768774

read more here and on how to spot the IOS 6 devices –>