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iOS 6 vs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean vs Windows Phone 8 Feature Comparison Chart



MS laver Sharepoint Apps til Win8, WP og IOS

Microsoft is working on native mobile SharePoint-connected applications for Windows 8, Windows Phone and iOS, which will begin coming to market by early 2013.

Prototype of the app for Windows Phone will be launch at Microsoft Sharepoint Cnference 2012 in Las Vegas.

A separate SkyDrive Pro app will provide Windows 8 and iOS users with access to SkyDrive Pro. In spite of some Microsoft officials’ claims to the contrary, SkyDrive Pro is the new name for SharePoint Workspace. It allows users to save SharePoint content for offline use. There’s already a SkyDrive Pro app available as part of the Office Hub on Windows Phone 8. Microsoft officials plan to announce availability targets for the Windows 8 and iOS versions of this app "at a later time."

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Apple IOS 6.0 – Supervised mode

I IOS 6 har Apple lavet en mulighed for at styre et device på en masse måder som mange kunder gerne vil have. f.eks. sætte en iPad i en Kiosk mode. Sætte wifi installere software, Wallpaper og meget mere. Altså en slags Device Manager.

  Apple Config

Ddet kræver et specielt tool fra Apple   The Apple Configurator  der pt. desværre kun køre på MAC. Og desværre kan man ikke helt styre disse opsætninger fra andre MDM sytemer endnu.

Og vigtigt når et device er sat i Supervised mode, kan det ikke forbindes til iTunes mere. Og det er KUN den Mac der er bruge til at sætte enheden i Supervised mode der kan fjerne/styre denne enhed i fremtiden.

Læs mere om opsætning og hvad der kan sættes op her.

Se video om “First look at Apple Configurator” 

Se video mere “Supervising Devices with Apple Configurator”

MS Office til Android og IOS

Der er rygter om at Microsoft Office kommer til IOS (iPad) og Android kommer i started af 2013. 

På denne side står der: “it’s real and it’s comming to IOS first”


IOS 6 – problems with EAS

What’s the problem, then? Well, in iOS the two most widely reported ones relate to:

  • AutoDiscover – It doesn’t work unless the Email Address and UPN match.
  • Meeting Requests – The iOS device loses track of the organizer and replaces the device user as the organizer instead, allowing the device user to update or cancel meetings other people have asked them to attend. For more info, see KB 2768774

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